We’re a global creative consultancy.

We help growth oriented organizations to be fruitful and multiply their Impact, Influence and Income –on purpose.

Who is Market Fresh

We are the ideators that help you turn purpose into profit. We are the consultants that help convert a world full strangers into a nation of fanatics. We are the brand cultivators that grow income, influence, and impact on purpose. We are strategic collaborators, vision builders, and disruptive technologists of the highest order. Our tribe is comprised of both Market Fresh Consultants & Market Fresh Creators.

Market Fresh Consultants Are

Part philosopher, part marketing strategist, part brand archetect, part project manager, part poet, part architect, part farmer, part counselor, part executive, part techy, part hero, part villain, part coach, part sage, part expert.

Market Fresh Creators Are
Part artist, part marketer, part chef, part revolutionary, part scientist, All Techy, part visionary, part alchemist, part engineer, part nerd, part disruptor, part genius

Our Story
Let the revolution begin. Created by social entrepreneur EJ Mayers in 2008, Market Fresh Idea Corporation is a new kind of creative consultancy—one built on purpose. Market Fresh was born out of a belief that every brand can grow on purpose. Our business model is simple: Care. Bound by our brand experience and strong desire for social good, we exist conceive, cultivate and communicate ideas for those who want to propel humanity forward.

The Market Fresh Manifesto

We believe life is a great big game of make-believe.  We are the make-believers.  We believe in the Make-Believe Rule. “You can only make what you believe.” We are rulers. We believe in possibilities and ideals.  We are the bold, courageous and audacious rebels that believe the right idea in the hands of the right people will change the world.

We believe that ideas are the archetypes of a thing in the mind of God.  Therefore, ideas aren’t created but are miraculously conceived.  We believe ideation is alchemy. We are alchemists. Once conceived we believe ideas must be cultivated or grown on purpose. We are cultivators.  We believe that faith is a miracle superhighway. We believe thoughts become things. We speak in what if’s and how can’s. We believe clarity and creativity is next to Godliness.  We are creators.

We believe in the MF ABC’s:  Always Be Caring, Always Be Curious, Always Be Courageous, Always Be Conscious, Always be Cultivating, Always Be Creating, Always be Connected.  We believe in the underdogs.  We believe in purpose precedes profit. And when you give a damn, you’ll inspire others to do the same. We believe in building relationships. We believe that every brand can take a stand if they start on purpose, grow on purpose, and stay on purpose.

We believe that there is magic in momentum. We believe in making moves until movements are made. We make movements. We believe in making each moment mean something. We believe in fairytale beginnings and fairytale endings. We believe that ideas only matter when you make them matter. So, we make ideas matter.

We are Market Fresh.  We make SHOULD happen.

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How we’re different

We are dedicated to helping organizations refresh their brand ideas, grow their business on purpose and learn how communicate their brand idea like never before.

What You Can Expect

You can expect to generate a plethora of ideas in the form of fresh strategies, brand development, brand names, go-to-market plans, disruptive innovations  and much more….

About Our Name

The word Market means “To Buy or Sell”.  The word Fresh means, “The New”.    And our favorite word, Idea, literally means: “The Archetype of a thing in the mind of God”

Meet Our Tribe

EJ Mayers

Founder/ MFIC

Jason Lane

Senior Consultant/ People Specialist

Mac Ruiz

Director of Photography

Tiffaney Graham

Social Media Maven

M.H. Russel

Developer/ Web & Mobile Specialist