I magine two men are in the same exact location, the only difference between them is one man is on top of a mountain and the other is at the bottom. If you ask either man what can see, you will get completely different responses right? Of course you would because they have different perspectives.

Perspective is important to a leader because because it can change the decisions he or she would make. Perspective is equally important to ideation because it changes what is viewed as possible and not possible.

The sun is alway shining above the influence of the clouds. -EJ Mayers

There are insights and details the person on the ground level would be able to share that that the person on the mountain top would never be able to see. There are options and potential pitfalls from mountaintop that the man on the ground would not be able to foresee.  As we change our perspective our reality changes as well.

Consider as many views as possible when making your next decision or coming up with you next idea.  Think from the perspective of the customer, your staff, your leadership team.  Put yourself into their shoes for a minute, better yet walk around in them for a couple of days to get the full experience.  A little perspective won’t hurt.