Marketing seems like complex ever evolving thing.  With all of the new methodologies, techniques, and guru wizardry you would think it reinvents itself every single day.  However, that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Marketing at its essence is simple.  It is the act of buying and selling.

In that act you the “marketer”  try to get attention.  You then want them to get to know you and what you offer.  From there you want then to like you offering better then others they may have run across.  They will like you based on your core difference. Well hold up!  What if I’m offering the same exact thing as my competitor?  Great question. I will pose one to you…  Are you offering the same thing?  Though my candy bar is the same as my neighbors, the experience of buying that candy bar could be totally different. Though my apple may be the same the way I select and care for my apples may be different.

As a marketer, and if you are in business you are a marketer my friend, there are times where we need to compare apples to oranges to convert potential customer into a lifelong customer.  Don’t focus on similarities…. Focus on the difference you make.

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