I’d like you to take a second and think about this…. Is your brand a bridge or a barrier?  Most people make a purchase because the want to get to the other side of the bridge.  They will buy when they truly believe that the product or service you offer will help them achieve the change of state they desire.  The better we are are communicating the state change we provide, the better the results will be.

Think about it, most people purchase things because they want to be happy or avoid pain.  I may be happy before I purchase that new Tesla but having the new Tesla would make me happier.  I may be secure before buying ADT but having ADT Security Systems would make me feel more secure.  If I’m hungry, I hundreds (if not thousands) of options to choose from to fill up the tank however which bridge will I take?  Statistics show, I will choose the one who was best at communicating that they are shortcut to where I want to be (which is full in the most mouth pleasing, wallet friendly, comfortable environment, with clean bathrooms, and good service way possible).


How can a brand be a barrier?  Well barriers are walls that keep certain people out. In some cases brands are exclusive and keep certain people from buying. There was a time when Tommy Hilfiger was such a brand, their patriarch decided that his clothing line was not meant for African Americans.  That statement resonated with people and created a barrier between the Tommy Hilfiger brand and African Americans.

So is your brand a bridge?  Is it a shortcut to a better day, a better week or a better life? Or is you brand a barrier that blocks people from getting where they want to go?