What is a brand idea

What is a brand idea?  It may serve you best if I break both words down.  A brand is something you own.  If you brand a cow, you own the cow right?  I know you own the cow because it has your brand on it.  The brand denotes possession.

What is an idea?

What is an idea?  An idea is an archetype of a thing in the mind of God.  An archetype is a model or a blueprint.  Some people interchange ideas with thoughts but they are different.  Your thoughts are created by you.  Ideas are accessed or conceived by you. An idea can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be accessed, conceived, or planted.

Who owns what you think?

A Brand Idea is a model of a thing that you own in the minds of the people you serve. When I say frappachino, what brands to you think of?  Starbucks right?  When I say Big Mac, what brand do you think of?  Mc Donald’s right?  How about computer, soft drink, real estate?  What comes to mind? Various brand ideas have already taken root in your mind and in the minds of others.

You see, a Brand Idea is developed on purpose yet is very profitable when executed correctly.

What is your Brand Idea?